The American Downton Abbey

The World's Your Jail
Make the boys mad! Climb a tree! Corwyn Michal would approve.

The American Downton Abbey

Reading speed

P&R: April reading

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

I always think I read so slowly. Part of the problem is being able to actually maintain interest in something for very--Oo, what's that over there?

ETA: It didn't show my actual speed, which was 700-something, ~100% higher than average.

Writer's Block: Every Four Years

30 Rock: Kenneth Muppet
How are you celebrating Leap Day?

By handing out candy in exchange for children's tears. Duh.

New comment system of fail

Buffy: Ugh!
This is me complaining about the new comment system, but in particular I reeeeeeeaaaaaalllllly dislike the way they've got icons in there. Hello, it is NOT MEANINGFUL TO ME to have icons listed in the order they were uploaded. Alpha by keyword is much more sensical.

Here's the thing about Doctor Who...

River Song: spoilers
Spoilers for Saturday's season finaleCollapse )

Steven Moffatt is willing to go to layers of complex storytelling other DW showrunners haven't been. He's willing to be dark. He's willing to do whimsy and cutesy and funny and romantic. But... gah. Please. Please, please, please stop being an a-hole about women sometimes, dude. Because you've given us awesome women, and WE WANT THEM TO BE TREATED WELL. Please and thank you.

Inspector Spacetime


I did not start that, but there needs to be more members. Do eeeeeet. And also add "inspector spacetime" to your interests. Because win.

Secret Circle?

SMG blowing a kiss
Do we like it? I liked parts of it toward the beginning and then got slightly bored. Discuss.
River Song: spoilers
havocthecat posted about a plotbunny. I've had this plotbunny for a while but am working on WAY too many things to pursue it.

In Pete's World, 10.5 assumes the name "John Foreman," taking the fake surname of his granddaughter, Susan. 10.5 and Rose eventually have a kid who has a kid named... Susan Foreman.

Through a strange series of events, the Eleventh Doctor and River Song wind up getting a distress signal from Pete's World in the future. Something is very amiss. Wee!Susan is in trouble. Cue some sort of Kal-El thing wherein she winds up being taken into the regular universe. The Doctor is not crazy about the idea of bringing up Susan in their chaotic existence, and River agrees, saying that having the TARDIS for a third parent led to brainwashing and danger for her. But, the Doctor has an idea...

He sends River alone back to London, 1948. There, he knows a certain grey-haired gentleman had landed temporarily, and there he has River bestow upon another TARDIS dweller the wee!Susan. "This is your granddaughter. Take care of her."

"But who--"

River winks at him and points to another police box. "Who d'you think?" She looks the First Doctor up and down. "You've always had the best ideas, and you'll continue." He's shocked when she plants a kiss on him before scurrying off to the other TARDIS.

"Didn't have to kiss 'im," the Eleventh Doctor grumps.

"Oh, yes, because cheating on you with yourself counts as cheating." She rolls her eyes. "You care to tell me about this Rose Tyler person?"


Doctor Who/12 Doctors
So I might be writing a Buffy/Fright Night crossover. Maybe.


Doctor Who/12 Doctors

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